Honshu Training Broadsword

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The Honshu Training Broadsword offers a safe and authentic way to practice your broadsword skills without compromising the realism of a genuine broadsword. Crafted from the highest grade polypropylene, this training sword is capable of withstanding the most intense practice sessions. Measuring an impressive 43 1/2", it faithfully replicates the look and feel of a real broadsword.

Ensuring both quality and safety is essential for effective sword training. The Honshu Training Broadsword achieves this balance by being both balanced and weighted to mimic a true broadsword, while its construction from virtually unbreakable materials guarantees remarkable sturdiness. It's designed to endure years of rigorous training, providing a reliable tool for skill development.

The heavy-duty training broadsword also boasts a texturized handle, offering a secure grip that enhances control and precision during your training sessions. Elevate your broadsword skills with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that this training tool is built to last.

  • Safe Broadsword Training: Practice your broadsword skills safely with the Honshu Training Broadsword, providing an authentic experience.
  • Realistic Design: Balanced and weighted to mimic a genuine broadsword, this training tool captures the true essence of broadsword practice.
  • Unbreakable Build: Crafted from the highest grade polypropylene, it is virtually unbreakable and exceptionally sturdy.
  • Long-Lasting Investment: Designed to withstand years of demanding training, this tool supports your skill development over time.
  • Secure Grip: The texturized handle ensures a firm and secure hold, enhancing control and precision during training.
  • Ideal Length: With a generous overall length of 43 1/2", it offers the perfect size and weight for effective broadsword practice.
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    Posted by John Johnson on 21st Feb 2024

    A perfectly functional practice weapon, but not the safest sparring sword. I wouldn't recommend swinging this at a friend unless they're wearing protective gear. I was able to put 10 inch gashes in cardboard by slashing with the tip. It's also heavy and sturdy, and could be used as an impromptu club. The balance point is about 8 1/2 inches from the hilt, a little far up the blade but not uncommon in historical weapons. A modern combat ready long sword is more like 2-4 inches up, but this is a "broadsword" and doesn't have the distal taper of a true long sword. It's good for training the forearms and wrists. Worth buying if you want a good waster that can function as a weapon in a pinch.