Why Honshu Training Swords?

Before You Pick-Up That Sword

 So, you bought that beautiful sword, and it is magnificent. The blade is a masterpiece of high carbon steel honed to razor-sharp perfection. You just want to … you just got to … swing it around and let out your inner Samurai. Now, hold on Grasshopper. First you must train. The first thing that you will learn is that you won’t be picking up that razor-sharp sword for quite some time. You’ll be using a training tool called a bokken.

What’s A Bokken?

Originally, a bokken was a wooden sword used for training that was basically a mock-up of a real sword with a handle and handguard. Now, although you can find the wooden ones, modern training swords are commonly constructed out of polypropylene (a heavy-duty resin). These training swords are used so that you really get the feel of handling a live-edge sword without the risk of injury. In essence, you can get used to feeling the shape and movement of a sword as you maneuver through practice exercises. Training swords can be made in any sword shape and size including katanasbroadswords and Spartan swords

Why Do I Need A Training Sword?

When you practice with a training sword, the entire purpose is to avoid the danger of a sharp-edge because there are numerous opportunities to nick yourself or your partner when going through an exerciseThere are numerous opportunities to accidentally clip someone who’s not paying attention when you're training. So, if you’re looking to cut the cost by skipping the training sword because you just know you will be really careful, think again. A trip to the ER to get stitches or worse will definitely cost you more than a training sword will cost you. 

We Have The Training Sword You Need!

Having a high quality and safe tool to practice your sword skills with is of the utmost importance! You shouldn’t have to worry about safety when you are working to become a master of the sword. Our training swords are crafted of one piece of injection-molded polypropylene reinforced with Globalene, an impact copolymer. Here at Honshu Training Swords, you'll find high-quality products that will stand-up to the training that you need to perfect your skills.

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