Honshu Training Single Hand Broadsword

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  1. Safely Hone Sword Mastery: Having a high-quality and safe tool to practice your sword skills with is of the utmost importance to your overall training.
  2. Realistic Balance and Weight: Balanced and weighted to mimic a real single-handed broadsword, it is solidly crafted of the highest grade of polypropylene.
  3. Unbreakable Durability: The training tool is virtually unbreakable, remarkably sturdy, and will take years and years of the abuse you dish out.
  4. Secure Grip: The heavy-duty training single-handed broadsword features a textured handle for a secure grip.
  5. Generous Length: It measures 40" in overall length, closely mimicking the size and feel of an actual Medieval single-handed broadsword.


Having a high-quality and safe tool to practice your sword skills with is of the utmost importance! You shouldn't have to worry about safety when you are working to become a master of the sword. That's where our practice sword comes in.

Constructed from the highest grade of polypropylene available and closely mimicking an actual Medieval single-handed broadsword in length, size, weight, and feel, our practice sword has the advantage of being virtually unbreakable, as well as remarkably stiff and cut-resistant. It's designed to withstand years and years of abuse, ensuring that you can focus on perfecting your swordsmanship without any concerns about durability.

The practice sword is precision-balanced and weighted to mimic the characteristics of a real single-handed broadsword. This attention to detail ensures that your training experience closely resembles the feel and handling of an authentic sword.

With a secure grip provided by the textured handle, you can confidently practice a wide range of techniques. The generous 40" overall length of the heavy-duty training single-handed broadsword closely mirrors the size and feel of a genuine Medieval broadsword, offering you an authentic training experience.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced practitioner, our practice sword is the ideal companion for honing your sword skills safely and effectively. Elevate your training to a new level of realism and durability with a tool that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.