Honshu Training Katana Sword

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The Honshu Training Katana is an essential tool for anyone seeking a safe and authentic way to practice their sword skills. Crafted from the highest grade of polypropylene, this practice katana is not only virtually unbreakable but also capable of withstanding years of rigorous use. With an overall length of 41", it faithfully replicates the length, size, and weight of a real katana.

Ensuring the highest quality and safety is paramount in sword training, and the Honshu Training Katana excels in both aspects. Balanced and weighted to accurately mimic a genuine katana, it is crafted from a single solid piece of polypropylene, guaranteeing remarkable sturdiness. This training tool is designed to endure countless hours of practice, providing a reliable means for skill development.

The heavy-duty training katana features a textured handle that ensures a secure grip, enhancing control and precision during your training sessions. Elevate your katana skills with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that this training tool is built to last.

  • Safe Katana Training: Practice your katana skills safely with the Honshu Training Katana, offering an authentic experience.
  • Authentic Design: Balanced and weighted to replicate a genuine katana, this training tool captures the essence of katana practice.
  • Unbreakable Construction: Crafted from the highest grade polypropylene, it is virtually unbreakable and exceptionally sturdy.
  • Long-Lasting Investment: Designed to withstand years of demanding training, this tool supports your skill development over time.
  • Secure Grip: The texturized handle ensures a firm and secure hold, enhancing control and precision during training.
  • Ideal Length: With a generous overall length of 41", it offers the perfect size and weight for effective katana practice.
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    Excellent Training Tool

    Posted by Eddy Mercon on 3rd Jan 2024

    Best training katana I have ever had. Material, design, balance, all superior to my old wooden katanas. Honshu has made training fun again!